Student Reporter

Field training for IoF Students

The Institute of Forestry (IoF), Pokhara Campus organized a two-week field training program for the B.Sc. 4th year, 1st semester students from June 21. Eighty students from the batch participated in the program. Different community forests and collaborative forests of Rupandehi and Kapilvastu district were fixed as the field training sites for the different group of students.Aditya Acharya

The main aim of the program was to teach the students about different forest management practices at the field level. The students compared the scientific forest management practices and conventional forest management practices in different forests. They learned the techniques of boundary survey of forest area using GPS (Global Positioning System), mapping of the forest and its sampling using GIS (Geographic Information System) software, comparison of the regeneration status between scientifically managed and unmanaged forests, calculation of Annual Allowable Harvest (AAH) from a particular forest, tree tagging and stem mapping procedures.

With help from forest officers and field technicians of the corresponding districts, the students prepared scientific management plans of some community forests and collaborative forests. They learned that Tilaurakot Collaborative Forest is the first forest managed under Scientific Forest Management Plan in Nepal. They presented their work among the forest users and forest officers at the final day of the program.

 As published in the Himalayan Times; The Student Reporter Column; [2015 July 8, Wednesday]


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