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NSU welcomes new IoF students

The Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) Institute of Forestry (IOF), Pokhara, Campus Committee welcomed new students who joined BSc Forestry at IoF on July 28. The Nepali Congress central committee member as well as Constituent Assembly member from Tanahun-1, Shankhar Bhandari inaugurated the programme by watering the plants. The NSU also provided certificate of appreciation and prize for the entrance topers (from boys and girls separately).

Aditya Acharya
Aditya Acharya

The programme was divided into two parts — formal and informal. During the formal programme, the guests gave speeches on forestry and some national issues and the students performed some cultural dances. The students dressed in various ethnic costumes performed a cultural fashion show which became the main attraction of the formal programme. Similarly, during the informal part of the programme, students sang and danced and performed other talent shows. The newcomers also actively participated in the programme.

“I expect you all to be successful Natural Resource Managers and help make the nation and the world a more suitable and sustainable place to live in,” chief guest Bhandari said. He vowed to help the institute. Similarly, claiming it as the largest student union of IoF, the NSU chairman stressed that it has been continuously advocating the improvement of the academic environment of IOF.

 As published in the Himalayan Times; The Student Reporter Column; [2015 August 19, Wednesday]


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