I love traveling. Here’s why I love, and advice you too for traveling.

Travel so that you will meet people with various behaviors. You will meet honest peoples as well as the frauds. Talk to the frauds and get fooled. But, learn how they fooled you and avoid them the next time. You will meet really funny people as well as serious ones. You will meet those who only blame others. You will meet the oblivious ones. Let them be.  Sometimes, a khalasi makes you think so much if you travel on public buses. Some are really irritating. Teach them some lessons because you are educated and they are not.

Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter

Are you feeling sad? Travel and see those who seem to be sadder than you. Talk to strangers. You will realize that you are not the only one who is suffering and also that you are not the one who is suffering the most. Watch those who are begging in the street without their hands or legs but with a smile on their face. Then think of your situation.

When you are happy, travel and enjoy the happiness. Just wander. Show other people how happy you are. Talk to those who want to talk to you. Share your happiness. Inspire others to be happy and positive. Walk and watch those who are happy inside a public bus and those who are in tense mood inside their car. Help those in difficulties if you are able to do so. Give someone a pickup on your car or your motorcycle if you are not in a hurry. Offer your seat to the disabled and the old ones if you are on a public bus because they have not been disabled or old for a seat on the public transport and you are strong enough to stand. Put a coin on the lap of the disabled beggars and see how happy and grateful they will be towards you. If they don’t – just accept that they are not as educated as you are and had got no chance to travel like you to learn how to behave.

From the wordpress
From the WordPress

If you are in love tragedy, travel. You will see the handsome lads and beautiful ladies you have ever seen. Interact positively. Learn their attitudes. You may find them really impressive. Then you will realize that there are a lot of other good people than those whom you think are the only person in the world with all the qualities you wanted. You will see more beautiful/ handsome than the most beautiful/handsome persons. You will find not-good-looking people too. Interact with them too and see how their behavior and attitude are despite their appearance. But always remember, there are introverts too. Respect their introvert-ness. It is not that you should talk to every person you meet or every person you tried to talk should response you.

Just wander. Watch the people. Teach somebody some lessons. Learn from others too.

Bet, you will realize that the world is far more different than you have imagined without traveling.

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