Student Reporter

Welcoming the Migratory Birds

Pokhara: Bird knows no boundary. As winter approaches, many birds migrate from Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and Eastern Europe to Nepal in order to escape the extreme weather as the weather is relatively mild for them here during the winter season. As this is the time those birds start arriving, the Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Branch with the joint effort of Pokhara Bird Society organized a program to welcome those migratory birds on November 28. The objective of the program was to raise awareness on the migratory birds and their habitat conservation.

Photo : Pokhara Bird Society

Members from BCN, central committee and Lekhnath Bird Society, local bird lovers as well as tourists participated in the program, “Welcome to the Birds”. During the day-long program, birding (bird watching) was done from Khapaudi to Hallanchowk, Lakeside. A total of fifty-eight (58) bird species were identified; Ruddy shelduck (Tardona ferruginea), Northern pintail (Anas acuta), Himalayn bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogenys), Yellowbreasted greenfinch (Carduelils carduelis), Purple swamphen (Porphyro porphyro) to name a few. Bird experts and field guides volunteered for the identification of birds.
New participants got a chance to learn the techniques of identification of different species of resident as well as migratory birds. The program coordinator spoke on the necessity of collaboration among the stakeholders for the effective conservation of birds. Local people also committed for their help in conserving the birds.

Aditya Acharya
B. Sc. IVth year, IInd semester
Institute of Forestry (IoF), Pokhara

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