Opportunistic Patriotism?

Are you #ProudToBeNepali? Are you a Nepali patriot? Probably you are.

No, no. Certainly, you are.

But, how do I believe that you are a true patriot?

Oh yes, there are certain means of verification nowadays to prove it.

Are you cycling these days? Do you use #ProudToBeNepali and #BackOffIndia hashtags with your facebook and twitter posts? Did you tweet and retweet #BackOffIndia some weeks ago? Did you #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy?

You might be doing or have done some or all of these things, right? If yes, then you are a great patriot.

But, my dear compatriots, do you think that the abovementioned activities are sufficient to prove that you are a patriot? What is the difference between your patriotism and that of those who cycle throughout their life? Do you think you are a patriot just because you organize and attend cycle rallies only when the nation is facing acute fuel shortage?

Those Pakistani, who helped trend #BackOffIndia worldwide in twitter, are they Nepali patriots? Certainly, not.  Then you are thinking you are a patriot just because you tweeted and retweeted #BackOffIndia?

I know you are #ProudToBeNepali. Yeah, me too. But do you know, each Indian is proud to be Indian, each Chinese is proud to be Chinese, each Pakistani is proud to be Pakistani, each Afghan is proud to be Afghan. Probably, each Syrian is proud to be Syrian. They are bound to flee just because of the heartless terrorists. Then what is the greatness in being #ProudToBeNepali?

I don’t mean to say it is wrong to ride a bicycle. I am not, in any way, trying to prove that you are not a patriot. It’s ok to ride a bicycle. It’s ok to tweet and retweet #BackOffIndia. It’s ok to #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy. It’s ok to be #ProudToBeNepali. But, these are not sufficient to make our country self-reliant and prosperous. They are Madheshi people who mostly use bicycles. What if they call you an ‘opportunist patriot’ who cycles only when there is fuel crisis. Yes, I agree, these all can create pressure to end the difficult situation for a short time. But none of these activities help to make the nation self-dependent in the long run.

What is the use of blaming the government for not providing employment opportunities leaving your own farmland fallow in the village? That will be true patriotism, for now, if you produce enough crops to suffice your family but not if you just earn enough money to buy what you need for your family.

As the adage goes, “Actions speak more than words.” It is time to ‘speak more than words’ and help to uplift the nation from this transition.

If you believe the abovementioned activities only are sufficient to show you as a true patriot, my question would be – “Had India not been imposing the blockade, how would you be proving yourself as a patriot?”

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