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Two weeks ago, I went for ice skating for the first time. Needless to say, I fall down many times before I became able to balance myself and stand up still with those skates.

Ice skating in Joensuu areena, with batchmates

[The title of the video is written so only for fun]

Yesterday, I went for cross country skiing for the first time, with batchmates Balazs, Simon, Jose (Pepe) and Prakash dai. [Let’s say ‘our Latolankatu gang’ :)] It so happened that, the day we planned to go for skiing coincided with the years coldest day on record: -18 degrees.


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And today, we were only two of us – Balazs and me – interested to go. But the temperature was even lower than yesterday, -22 degrees, and our plan was to ski for a longer time than yesterday!! After a certain point, I decided to take a shorter path to go back while Balazs chose a longer one. I was quite worried if I would get lost in the middle of the forest in freezing cold but I realized that we were meeting local skiers quite often and I thought that I would ask them if I felt that I got lost. And I let Balazs go… ! 🙂 Yes, I had a map on my mobile phone, but the sad part is that I could not take my hands out of the gloves for more than 1-2 minutes. And I could not do that frequently (the -22 degrees cold!)

My hands were nearly cold burnt (or I felt so) by the time I got back home. And Balazs was a so regretting later, that he decided to take the longer way :).




The difference in ice skating and skiing I experienced is that – balancing the body is harder in skating and moving forward is harder in cross country skiing.

[Photos and videos by – Aditya, Balazs, Simon, Pepe and Prakash]


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