A night in the streets

I did not know that the port (of Tallinn) would be closed at night and that people would not be allowed to stay inside. I thought, simply thought, that it would be open 24 hours, and had decided that I would spend 4-5 hours inside the port, because I was reaching there at midhight. But, a guard came and told that the office was closed and I had to go out! [This was during this One week solo travel]

So, I decided to spend the rest of the night in the streets. After getting tired, I sat on a bench in one of the bus stops and started writing. Here ( 1, 23) are the pages from the diary, and below is the audio of the same writing.

“In the heart of the moon”

The same strings which would help me revive,

And inspire to thrive, and to strive.

Now I play millions and millions of time

Only to keep some traumas alive !!?

Rendez-vous avec la Lune


“Stella, Stella, why are you crying?”

“Broken, lonely, breathing with all my might!”

“That’s all we need to do sometimes”

“So am I doing”, Stella replied.

“Let us cry and flood your heart”

Luna hugged her tight, and together they cried.

With the flood, they washed all ill feelings away

And Stella, again started shining bright.

You know what Stella suggests these days?

“Keep breathing, one day you’ll be alright.”


– to all broken Stellas out there 🙂