Today’s learning !!

I learned a new thing today. I’m writing this post via “Windows Live Writer”, not by logging in to my wordpress account as I usually used to do. And I learned it accidentally. I was just looking the windows’ built in apps/tools and saw “Windows Live Writer” among many others. Thinking it as a publishing tool, like blogs, I just got intrigued and clicked it. And that was that. Smile Am now posting it via the same tool.

At first it asks to configure your blog account to which you want to publish your posts. And after the blog address is configured, it just opens as a new Word document in the window (I don’t know about mobile devices). Then you can write in the similar way you do in a new Word document. Categories, tags, post date, author (if multi-authored), slug, excerpt etc. can be used too.

It’s not sooooo different than the generic style of publishing a post by logging in to your personal blog. But, it’s a new learning for me.

But, am not that good at describing things. You need to give a try yourself to know how it works.

Let’s see if plugins are required to display tables or not. I’ve inserted a table below here in Live Writer.

1 One
2 Two
3 Three
4 Four
5 Five




Better than The Kite Runner

Salaam Alaykum!

A lot of thoughts got implanted in my head after reading The Kite Runner. I don’t know when was the first time I heard about the book and how I heard about it. The book was written in 2003 A.D. when I was about just 10 years old. It had been a long time I wanted to read it but hadn’t found it in my college library [ I don’t buy books as long as I can find it in a library or with a friend 🙂 ]

There was a book exhibition in the exhibition ground, Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu. I had gone to spend my free time around there as I was free after completing my final year at the college. I saw the book again. The desire to read it surged again. I flipped through the book, looked the price, and began reading the author’s foreword, praises for the book and the highlights/description of the book which I usually do before reading a new book. When I came to know that the novel is about childhood and friendship, I could not stop myself to begin reading the first chapter. I read some of the pages standing in front of the stall. Then I decided to BUY THE FIRST NOVEL 🙂 

I was so attracted by the first novel [The Kite Runner] that I could not stop myself from reading the author’s second work; A Thousand Splendid Suns. Though this novel has portrayed the male characters [Baba as well as Rasheed] as evils, I loved the second novel [ A Thousand Splendid Suns] more than the The Kite Runner. But yes, one book cannot be compared with another; each has a different purpose/theme. It’d be better to say I loved the story of the second novel than that of the first one. 

A Thousand Splendid Suns is a melange of conspiracies, love, war and at last patriotism. It shows how war has shattered Afghanistan and how people become bound to the circumstances they don’t even want to imagine. The following lines from the novel describe how it is the melange of conspiracies, love, war and patriotism. 


• Her (Mariam’s) gaze skimmed over all of these things before they found a face, across the garden, in an upstairs window. The face was there for only an instant, a flash, but long enough. Long enough for Mariam to see the eyes widen, the mouth open. Then it snapped away from the view. A hand appeared & frantically pulled at a cord. The curtain fell shut.
• “Yes. But I’ve seen nine-year-old girls given to men twenty years older than your suitor, Mariam. We all have. What are you, fifteen? That’s a good, solid marrying age.” … It didn’t escape Mariam that no mention was made of her half sisters Saideh or Naheed, both her own age, both students in the Mehri School in Herat, both with plans to enroll in Kabul University. Fifteen evidently, was not a good, solid marrying age for them.


• “They have food here (orphanage)”, Laila (mother) said shakily. She was glad for the burqa, glad that Aziza(daughter) couldn’t see how she was falling apart inside it.


• In the middle of the night when Laila woke up thirsty, she found their(Laila & her second husband, Tariq) hands still clamped together, in the white knuckle, anxious way of children clutching balloon strings.
• “Me?”, he (Tariq) says, “I will follow you to the end of the world, Laila.”


• A year ago, she (Laila) would have gladly given an arm to get out of Kabul. But in the last few months, she has found herself missing the city of her childhood. She misses the bustle of Shor Bazaar, the Gardens of Babur, the call of the water carriers lugging their goatskin bags.

If you read The Kite Runner and liked it, I think you will like A Thousand Splendid Suns more.

Happy reading !! 

Amplifying happiness

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How would you feel if you found five bucks while walking on a roadside? Happy? Extremely happy? Maybe that depends on the amount of money you find.

Same happened to me some weeks ago. I found five rupees (Nepali currency) while walking on a roadside. I felt very happy. Five rupees is not that great amount of money, but I had found it without any effort. The bank note was right in front of me and I just had to bend down to pick it up. That was all.

Without thinking anything, I picked up the note. Holding it in my hand I continued my regular move.

After walking for a few minutes, I just remembered some beggars asking for money while I was coming from my room in the morning. I had to pass across a hospital daily and there used to be so many ailing people in the road in front of the hospital asking for money or food or something else.

To be honest, I hadn’t given them (those in front of the hospital) anything till that day. I don’t know what prompted me but I thought of giving the five rupees I found just before, to one of them while returning back to the room.

In the evening, on my way back to the room, I did as planned. There was a guy with no legs. I didn’t throw the note into the begging bowl. Instead, I put it in his hand and asked what had happened to his legs. He told me that he was born like that. He was so grateful for that small amount of money – I cannot describe it here by writing.

Now I know how to amplify happiness. If I find hundred rupees, I will be extremely happy. But if I distribute it to ten destitute people, ten rupees each, ten more people will be happy and I can feel the happiness eleven times – once because of finding the money and ten times because of sharing it. What I think I discovered is, one sorrow (of the person who lost the money) can be changed into lots of happiness. The one thing we have to learn is to find happiness in sharing and seeing other people happy.

No, I am not bragging but just wanted to share how my little happiness, on finding a small bank note, got amplified.

My dear friends, what will you do if you find a hundred bucks? I know you will be happy. And hope you will amplify it too!


Then Joonkiree decided to fly !

I turned into a fidget when my parents told me that I was going away from home for further studies. I stayed here with my grandfather and grandmother, my dad and mom and my brother and sister for all those twelve years. How cozy our home is!

Early in the morning, as soon as I get up, grandmother would give me a glass of hot milk and I would drink it sitting by the side of the fire place. I would do my homeworks then. Whenever I had a problem, there would be my dad to help me with a genial smile on his face. Grandmother would prepare such a delicious breakfast for me. After breakfast, I would catch my dad’s hands and go to school. I would go and report him directly if anybody inflicts pain on me. Then he would go and scold them caressing my hair. I would feel safe and happy then.

After school, I would catch the hands of my elder brother and sister, one on each side, as dad would stay for some extra classes after school. When I reached home, either grandmother or mom would serve snacks again. Fried rice or Milk and leftover rice or Roti or Makai bhatmas would be our snacks. Sometimes, there would even be my favorite snacks Boke Puwa, a special type of Puwa my priest grandfather used to bring whenever he goes to perform some rites. If I wanted more, my siblings would not hesitate to give their share to me. Grandmother would suggest me to go to play with friends then. We would play Dandibiyo, Marble, Hide and seek and Police and Cops till evening. If it got too dark my brother would come looking for me and I would go home with him. Mom would ask how the day was, what I learned at school today, what I ate after school, what I played with friends in the evening, if I squabbled or fought with them – everything since morning till evening. After dinner, I would cuddle my grandfather and ask him to tell a story. Sometimes I would fall asleep before he ended the story and the next day I would ask him to repeat the story from the previous day. Continue reading

गाइने बन्ने लक्ष

मान्छेका लक्षहरू के के हुन्छन् होला ? डाक्टर, पाइलट, इन्जिनियर, नर्स, नेता, वैज्ञानिक, पत्रकार, प्राध्यापक …… । लेख्दै जाने हो भने यो सूची कतिसम्म लम्बिदो हो थाहा छैन । किनकि प्रत्येक मान्छेका अा अाफ्नै फरकफरक लक्षहरू हुन्छन् । यी त सबैले सुनेका बुनेका लक्षहरु होलान् ।

स्कूल पढ्दा ‘मेरो जीवनको लक्ष’ भन्ने विषयमा हरेक विद्यार्थीले कुनै कक्षामा निबन्ध लेख्नै पर्थ्यो । अहिले पनि पर्छ होला ।

मैले पनि ‘मेरो जीवनको लक्ष’ भन्ने विषयमा अवश्य पनि निबन्ध लेखें “हुँला” । याद छैन त्यो निबन्धमा मैले मेरो लक्ष के लेखेँ भनेर । तर यो चाहिँ याद छ कि मैले मेरो लक्षमा डाक्टर चाहिँ कहिले पनि लेखिनँ । डाक्टर पेशालाई अपमान गरेको नठानियोस,  प्रत्येक पेशाप्रति मेरो उत्तिकै सम्मान छ । डाक्टर बन्ने लक्ष नलिनुमा मेरा आफ्नै कारणहरु छन् । तर फेरि लक्ष के चाहिँ थियो त भन्ने कुरो चाहिँ मलाई अहिले पनि याद छैन ।

धेरैलाई जस्तै  लक्ष्मीप्रसाद देवकोटाको जीवनी पढ्दा मलाई पनि साहित्यकार बनूँ कि जस्तो लाग्थ्यो । अरनिकोको जीवनी पढ्दा कलाकार बनूँ कि जस्तो लाग्थ्यो । नेल्सन् मण्डेला,  अब्राहम लिंकनको जीवनी पढ्दा प्रधानमन्त्री /राष्ट्रपति बनूँ कि जस्तो पनि लाग्थ्यो ।  राइट दाजुभाई, न्युटनको जीवनी पढ्दा वैज्ञानिक बनूँ कि जस्तो पनि लाग्थ्यो ।

राम्रो शिक्षक बनूँ कि जस्तो लाग्न त कसैको जीवनी पढ्नु पर्दैनथ्यो । कुनै एउटा जाती शिक्षकले पढाउँदै गर्दा अर्को छुच्चो शिक्षकलाई सम्झिए पुग्थ्यो । फ्लोरेन्स नाइटिंगेलको जीवनी पढेर नर्स बनूँ कि जस्तो चाहि लागेन । नर्स बन्ने त केटिले हो भन्ने मात्र थाहा थियो ।

बच्चा बेलामा माथिको जस्तो, लक्षहरु बदलिनु त सामान्य नै होला । ती बाहेक, अरु धेरै थोक बनूँ कि जस्तो पनि लाग्यो होला । सबै अहिले याद छैन ।

तर जिन्दगीमा एक पटक एउटा यस्तो लक्ष पनि लिईयो – गाइने बन्ने । थाहा छैन यस्तो लक्ष अरुको पनि हुन्थ्यो कि हुदैनथ्यो ।

त्यतिबेला बीबीसी वर्ल्ड सर्भिस ट्रस्ट [अहिले बीबीसी मिडिया एक्सन ]को उत्पादनमा एउटा रेडियो नाटक शृंखला प्रशारण हुन्थ्यो – कथा मिठो सारंगीको, जसमा दिलु गन्धर्व नामको मुख्य पात्र सारंगी बजाउँदै गाउँगाउँ डुल्थ्यो । जता पुगे पनि उसको काम सारंगी बजाउंदै गीत गाउने, मान्छेहरुसंग रमाइलो गर्ने हुन्थ्यो । मान्छेहरु पनि गीत सुनेर खुशी हुन्थे, खुब रमाउँथे । दिनेहरुले उसलाई पैसा, खानेकुरा दिन्थे । अनि कसैले आफ्नै घरमा बस्न आग्रह गर्थे । बास बसेको घरमा दुःख सुखका कुराहरु पनि गर्थे । कति रमाइलो जिन्दगी; गीत गाउँदै सारंगीको मिठो धून बजायो, नयाँ नयाँ ठाउमा घुम्यो, नयाँ नयाँ मान्छेहरुसँग चिनजान, कुराकानी गर्यो, तिनीहरुले नै जे दिन्छन त्यहि खायो, चिन्दै नचिनेको मान्छेको घरमा गएर बास माग्यो , एकछिन गफगाफ गरेपछि चिनजान पनि भैहाल्ने, अनि दुःख सुखका कुरा पनि हुने । भोलिपल्ट उठ्यो, त्यसैगरी हिँड्यो, कहिल्यै नटुंगिने यात्रा …..  । आज यहाँ पुग्नै पर्छ भन्ने बाध्यता पनि छैन । सारंगी बजाउँदै हिँड्यो, जहाँ पुगीन्छ त्यतै बास माग्यो, बस्यो । मान्छे मिजासिला नै रै’छन भने दु:ख सुख का कुरा गर्यो, नभए सुतिदियो । अनि अर्को दिन बिहानै उठ्यो, आफ्नो बाटो लाग्यो ।।

कतै पुग्नै पर्छ भन्ने बाध्यता नहुनु, जता मन लाग्यो उतै जाने स्वतन्त्रता, नयाँ ठाउँ र नयाँ मान्छे सँग परिचय गर्न पाइनु सँगसँगै, मलाई गाइने बन्न मन लगाउने अर्को कुरा थियो – सारंगीको धून । दिलुले सारंगी बजाउँदा कस्तो कस्तो [रमाइलो/आनन्दको] अनुभूति हुन्थ्यो कि, त्यो अनुभूतिलार्इ कसरि लेख्न मिल्छ नै थाह छैन । कार्यक्रम सुन्दै गर्दा, दिलुले जसरि सारंगी बजाउन जाने देखि त, म पनि एउटा सारंगी किनेर त्यसैगरी बजाउँदै अहिल्यै हिँडीहालुँ जस्तो लाग्थ्यो । अनि कार्यक्रममा पठाएको एउटा पत्रमा लेखिदिएको थिएँ – “दिलुको सारंगीको धून सुन्दा, अनि दैनिकी देख्दा त, मलाई पनि त्यसैगरी सारंगी बजाउंदै, डुल्दै हिडूँ हिडूँ जस्तो लाग्छ । तर न त मसंँग सारंगी नै छ, भए पनि न त मलाई बजाउनै आउँछ !! “  भनेर …. ।

तर गाइने बन्ने लक्ष पनि उही कलाकार, नेता, साहित्यकार, शिक्षक, वैज्ञानिक बन्ने लक्ष जस्तै भयो । नाटकशृंखला सकिएपछि गाइने बन्ने लक्ष पनि हरायो क्यारे । त्यसपछि अरु नै केहि बन्ने लक्ष सुरु भयो होला । यद्दपी सारंगी बजाउने रहर चाहिँ छँदैछ; गाइने बनेर डुल्दै हिड्ने लक्ष हराईसके पनि … !!!

नमेटिने स्मृतिहरू

एकपटक वि पी राजमार्गमा घरधूरी सर्वेक्षण गर्न जाने अवसर मिलेको थियो । २०७२ सालको बैशाख महिनाको पहिलो हप्ता धुलिखेल देखि खुर्कोट सम्म राजमार्गको आसपासमा उक्त सर्वेक्षण को काम थियो । हुन त त्यस्तो घरधूरी सर्वेक्षणमा म पहिलो पटक जाँदै थिएँ, तर आफ्नो घर पनि त्यतै भएकोले खासै अप्ठ्यारो होला जस्तो पनि लागेन । अनि भेगीय नाता पनि लाउँदै खुलेरै कुराकानी गरियो ।

नयाँ नयाँ ठाउँमा डुल्दै घुम्दै हिंड्दा थरिथरिका मान्छेहरु भेटिनु  र थरिथरिका व्यवहारहरु भोग्नु सामान्य कुरा नै हो जुन मैले पनि भेटें, भोगें । तर ति  एउटा बुढाका कुरा र दुइटी साना बच्चिहरुको व्यवहार भने अहिलेसम्म बिर्सिन सकिएन ।



— २०७२ बैशाख ९ , भकुन्डेबेशी

बुद्द बच्चिहरु 

> नानीहरू के गरिरा’को ?

– खेलेको ।

> के खेलेको ?

– मूर्ती बनाको ।   [ उनीहरू माटो मुछेर खेल्दै थिए ]

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कुन पापीले मार्यो कुन्नि हाम्री आमालाई 

कता जाने थाहा छैन, छैन खानलाई …..

तिमीलाई तिम्री आमा जस्तै, हामीलाई पनि उस्तै त हो 

यत्ति कुरा बुझाइदेऊ न सबै  जनालाई ….

Unknown Photographer :  sorry !

Photographer : not known;  sorry !