“In the heart of the moon”

The same strings which would help me revive,

And inspire to thrive, and to strive.

Now I play millions and millions of time

Only to keep some traumas alive !!?

Let’s shine together!

pink clouds

Echoes of those overnight, silent screams

And those, in your heart, the dreadful seams

They all start fading, and you’ll start shining again

Just when you start living your dreams!!


– To all Stellas struggling behind the dark clouds,


Rendez-vous avec la Lune


“Stella, Stella, why are you crying?”

“Broken, lonely, breathing with all my might!”

“That’s all we need to do sometimes”

“So am I doing”, Stella replied.

“Let us cry and flood your heart”

Luna hugged her tight, and together they cried.

With the flood, they washed all ill feelings away

And Stella, again started shining bright.

You know what Stella suggests these days?

“Keep breathing, one day you’ll be alright.”


– to all broken Stellas out there 🙂



म जस्तो गरिबसँग आफूलाई बिकाउन खोज्छन्
सेकेन्डह्याण्ड सम्बन्ध गाँसेर जबरजस्ती टिकाउन खोज्छन्
खै, मैले चाहिँ ‘आत्मसम्मान’ के हो सिकाएर पठाइदिएँ
के थाहा को सिक्न भनेर आउँछन्, को सिकाउन खोज्छन् !!

Dear moon

Melted by your flair, your magnanimity

It’s stupid to compare, your magnanimity

to those – why’d I urge them to stay – who was going anyway

Had I known earlier, your magnanimity !

English is not my native language. I am just creating some four-line poems which resemble something called /muktak/ in Nepali. I do not know the rules of syllables or anything yet. 🙂

Despite all the pleading, the sun went down anyway. So I am talking to the moon now. 🙂