The beggar lady who accepts card payment!

Bucharest, Romania.


We (me, Camila, Prakash, Simon, Surya and Trung) were sitting outside a bar as some of them decided to have ‘Shisha’ and some drinks. A lady came nearby to our table and started speaking something in Romanian (?).

“Sorry, English only” I said.

“Could you give some lei please! To buy something to eat”. Oh, she’s smart; she can speak English as well.

She was behind me. I just stayed silent, smiling.

“We do not have cash. Only cards” Camila said.

The lady just vanished.

“That was smart.” We all laughed together. “When did you learn this trick?”

“Already in Brazil.”

After two minutes, the lady reappeared again. “How much could you give?” she asked with a card reader machine on her hand, ready to press the amount. Camila was shocked.

“One cent”

Mumbling, the lady vanished again!


[The reappearance of the lady with a card reader is just a joke we created. We have no intention to hurt/offend anybody]


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